The Flight Game

- Flight search today shows pre-packaged routes.  This leads to the same pricing across the web.
- We've analyze every flight segment in the world to provide you the most optimal route. 

To date we've saved our users an average of 40% on international flights.

Time & Money

- How do you decide when to go?
- What's the cost per day in any location?
- How much time do you have to travel?
- When's the weather best?  

We show you the time/money for each location.

Where to go?

- We learn about locations from friends, family, television and social media.  
- Do they know all destinations in the world?
- How can you be sure you aren't missing out?

We'll help you identify the best destination for you.

We'd been dreaming of Myanmar for years, but thought we couldn't afford the trip.  You showed us local pricing and flights for far less than we thought possible. Charlene loves you forever :)

Jordan Sorrenson
San Francisco Developer - International Traveler

WOWWWW.  How is that possible??  $900 less? I didn't think I'd make it to the full moon party, bc of the flight price. Boarding the plane now - thanks a million!!!

Dario Fernandez
Airbnb Specialist - International Traveler


Traveled to 100+ countries went 300 days around the world, less than $20,000.  This website is to share their cost saving flight search.


Americans lose 222 Million vacation days a year - $62 Billion in lost benefits.  Don't fall into the trap - you earned the time.


Knowing where they can go for the time/money they have,
insight for which location fits them best.